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Weed & Scrub Clearing

Reclaim your valuable land space and views
Have weeds and new growth taken over your land and views?

Bush Weeds & Scrub Clearing

Arrow Excavation has specialty weed & scrub clearing forestry attachments for Posi Track Bobcats. Our mulching attachment lets us grind and mulch thick scrub and trees with ease allowing for quick removal of unsightly weeds and unwanted tree growth.

Being a Posi Track Bobcat with low center of gravity means that we can access almost any terrain and slopes making it the ideal machine for clearing land.

Reclaim property views

Do you own a Acreage property or farm that is up in the Hinterland and could command great views if it wasn’t for weeds and scrubby bush land?

Why not reclaim those views by clearing all of the unwanted growth and making the most of your elevated location?


Tree Cleared and removed

Calling an arborist to remove a field of unwanted trees is a bit like commissioning an artists to paint your ceiling white. The easiest and cheapest way to remove unwanted trees is to use an excavator. We have years of experience in removing trees and can do so quickly and safely, plus we can remove the trees from the property if necessary.

Combining the tree removal service with the mulcher means we can clear large areas of land easily, keeping you on budget for your future plans for the area.

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Weed Scrub & Bush Clearing

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