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Building Gold Coast & Brisbane Acreage Property and Farm Dams (including garden ponds).
Need more water for your farm stock or yard/nursery irrigation?


Dam Building (a.k.a. “Farm Dams”) is a specialty of Arrow Excavation. We have been building dams on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane for over 25 years for both Farmers and Acreage Property owners.

There is far more involved that just “Digging a hole”. Consideration needs to made about erosion, excessive nutrient supply, overflow channeling, depth and safety. Our experience in this field means you can guarantee you will get the correct dam for your requirements.

We also fix dams. If you have a dam that needs re-digging, tidying up, run off management or weed clearing, then get in touch.

Excavated Tank or Farm Dam?

Do you know the difference? An excavated tank is an earth structure on near-level land used to store water, in which part of the storage capacity is below ground level.

On sloping land, the tank is often called a hillside dam or just a farm dam. The excavation can be rectangular or square – with 3 or 4 walls – or circular.

Standard Dams block an existing waterway while earth tanks are an excavation into which water is diverted. 

Arrow Excavation caters for both kinds of in-ground natural water storage.


Consider a hillside dam

Hillside farm dams are a cost-efficient way of collecting and storing run-off water from summer rainfall where there is no easily accessible and suitable groundwater for pumping. 

On Acreage Properties damming a natural water course is an excellent idea as it means you have ample access to water for irrigation and other uses when saving your tank water for your home use is a priority.

Remember, we also build feature ponds and other landscaping water features.

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