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Embankment Slashing

Slashing of grass and weeds on hard to access slopes and hills
Driveway, access road, hedge or banks need a trim?

Gold Coast & Brisbane Sloped Embankment Slashing.

The sub-tropical climate of the the Gold Coast and Brisbane means weeds and grass love to grow – fast! This can sometimes lead to overrun embankments on driveways, river sides, acreage properties and anywhere grass has decided to grow.

Our slope mower attachments is designed to cut through thick grass, saplings and branches. The slasher attachment will fit on our long reach excavator as well as our posi-track Bobcat meaning we can access areas that normal tractor slashers cannot.

Slashing vs Brush Cutter

Sure; you can strap on a heavy duty brush cutter and head up the embankment to try and save money, but are you really? Not only will it prove a challenge for any seasoned professional, but the amount of time and effort it would take, not to mention the fuel refills, blade sharpening, line refills etc, it just seems crazy!

Our slope slashing attachment makes for quick and efficient slashing of even the steepest banks, for both council, commercial and residential properties in just a fraction of the time.

Acreage Slashing

With so many beautiful Hinterland Locations on the GoldĀ  Coast and Brisbane, many acreage properties have been built on hillsides and sloping land; and sometimes very steep! Conventional tractor slashing is limited to the incline and access of some properties, which is why our Posi-Track Bobcat with Slasher Attachment is a perfect solution. The low center of gravity and tank like tracks mean we can gain access to otherwise in accessible areas with our slasher.

If you have a troublesome hillside sloped acreage slashing location, why not call us today to see how we can help?

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Sloped Embankment Slashing Services

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