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by Avner Revlin, your Gold Coast Excavation Specialist
Are you building a house or shed on the Gold Coast or Brisbane?

Pad Clearing and preparation for a concrete slab

Once you have finalised all the legal and documentation requirements and you have obtained a building permit from your local council the construction process for your shed or house can begin, starting with the Pad Clearing.

The following steps relate to the construction for a typical house (which somewhat apply to sheds also). Some steps may vary depending on the method of construction and type of structure being built, but at Arrow Excavation, we are fully prepared for all possible variables.

Site Clearance & Preparation

House and Shed sites needs to be prepped and made ready for the new build.  This may involve cutting and filling the site using our excavators which could also result in the need for retaining walls on the block which we can also arrange. 

Any large trees that may affect the building could also need to be removed and erosion & sediment control fences could need installing.

A stable entry driveway needs to be established for deliveries and pedestrian entry and exit to and from the site. We can achieve this with a temporary road base for you.

Excavation & Footings

For house and shed slabs the excavation of the footings need to be accurate in depth and in width as a minor increase to either can result in a lot more concrete being needed . We have precision devices that can assure the excavation done is exactly the size required.  

Plumbing also need to be considered at the slab cutting stage. Our collection of variously sized buckets means we can cut any size trench at the same time if they are required.

Our Rock Auger attachment means we can precisely cut pier holes through rocky ground, plus our Rock Hammer Attachment allows us to easily and precisely break  and remove stubborn rocks in footing trenches and pier holes keeping the correct planned hole size so that costly extra concrete is not needed.

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