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Land Water Drainage

Let water run off to stop pooling and bogging
Do you have an issue with standing water after heavy rain?

Drainage Channel Digging

Anyone that lives on the Gold Coast or Brisbane knows that sub-tropical storms bring some serious water with them. Unfortunately, not every property was built with that in mind and flooding and boggy land is a summer treat that you didn’t want.

Arrow Excavation are experts in all forms of land drainage and can spot potential issues even when it’s perfectly dry. Whether you need surface drainage or subsurface drainage, we have the knowledge and materials to keep your land dry.

Subsoil Drainage

A Subsoil Drain is a slotted or perforated pipe laid below ground level and designed to remove excess water from the surrounding soil.

Subsoil drains are often surrounded by a geo textile material to stop soil particles entering the pipe and clogging it. These can be used to line low level area and driveways but are also used behind retaining walls to drain water from the base to stop erosion or rotting.

Arrow excavation can dig the necessary trenches and supply materials for all your Gold Coast and Brisbane subsoil drainage system requirements.



Stormwater Pits and piping

We can create a spoon drain on your property, but sometimes this is either not enough or the run off location is not ideal, so an alternative is Stormwater Pits.

We can dig the pit to your required depth, install the pit and dig the trenches necessary to carry the water via stormwater pipes to the preferred location.

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