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Plumbing, Electrical and all other trench digging at any width.
Got some pipes or conduit to bury, or maybe an irrigation system?

Get your Gold Coast & Brisbane Trench Digging done today.

Are you a Gold Coast or Brisbane trades person who need to dig a trench for a job (like a Sparky or Plumber)? Or maybe you’re a home owner that is installing an irrigation system or something similar?

You could get out a shovel and risk breaking your back digging through tough ground all day wasting time and giving yourself a world of pain the next day, or you could hire Arrow Excavation to dig a trench quickly and easily getting the job done fast and precisely so you can get in with the job at hand.

Keep in mind also that there’s also a chance you may hit rock! Our Rock Auger and Rock Hammer attachments mean nothing gets in the way of our clean and speedy trench digging.

Excavator vs Shovel

If you need to dig a trench, you might be weighing up the pros and cons of using a shovel or hiring someone to do it for you.

While manual digging could be cheaper (money wise), you should consider if you have to buy tools in the first place, which may include a decent spade/shovel, pick axe / hoe and breaker bar too if there’s hard rocky ground beneath the top soil. There can also be labour costs if you need hire more workers (even friends need Beer and BBQ!). Then consider the time cost and the physical cost it can take on your body.

Depending on the size of the job, an excavator with a suitably sized bucket could only take a couple of hours to complete theĀ  job rather than a whole day or two, so there’ll be more time to lay cables and do everything else you need to. Arrow Excavation’s trench digging experience will also mean you get a straight and uniform trench at the depth you want.

Trench Digging Suggestions

Trenches are needed in construction, for infrastructure and in residential projects. Consider getting your trench dug quickly, precisely and safely with Arrow Excavation for the following suggestions:

  • Digging a drainage trench for flood prevention, sewage runoff, irrigation pipes or a sprinkler
  • Preparing a trench for underground electric or telecommunication wires or utility pipes
  • Digging up your garden to lay down plant roots or install a fence
  • Removing tree roots from soil during landscaping and maintenance
  • Cutting a trench through rock or concrete with ease that would be almost impossible with hand tools
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