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Cut the cost of your swimming pool by getting your own excavator operator.
Getting ready to have a swimming pool built? You'll need a Swimming Pool Digging!

Gold Coast & Brisbane Swimming Pool Excavation.

Arrow Excavation are experts in detailed swimming pool digging excavation for concrete and fibreglass swimming pools, splash pools,  lap pools, spas and garden ponds in both residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or Northern NSW. 

We specialise in small, tight and awkward to access spaces as well as acreage properties and commercial properties. Our large array of equipment and machinery allows us to enter the tightest of spaces, so we can access your pool area with minimal impact on your property. We can also dispose of the unwanted soil or reuse it in another part of your project.

Swimming Pools - in or out!

If rocky or hard shale material is in your foundations, our rock breakers, claws and hammers cut through it with precision, to create the exact shape you require. If you are replacing your old swimming pool, we can demolish and remove the waste materials while cutting the shape for your new pool. This will help you save time and keep costs down with a single contractor for both jobs.

We have a wide range of attachments for our excavators and a large truck to easily move all soil and waste materials from the site to a designated area for reuse or we can transport it to a local waste facility for you.

Arrow Excavation can also remove old unwanted concrete and fibreglass swimming pools so you can fill in the space and reuse it for other purposes like patios, decks or fire pits etc.

Owner Builder or Contractor

If you are a keen owner builder or trades person you probably understand you can build your own pool without the need for a dedicated a Swimming Pool company. Subcontracting the build of your own swimming pool is not rocket science. We have seen a huge trend in homeowners building their own swimming pools.

When most people think of building their own pool, they think that they personally have to dig the hole for the pool, doing the plumbing and electrical, etc. – but this is not the case. Most pool contractors do not do the actual labor of building the pool themselves. Pool builders act as general contractors  and subcontract the building of the pool to various subcontractors, so when you purchase a pool from your local pool company, they are organizing the build of your pool through sub contractors.

We are Gold Coast & Brisbane Swimming Pool Excavation contractors, so give us a call today if you are building your own pool or managing a build for a customer.

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